We welcome applications for membership from all shooters. Anyone who wishes to shoot for Hampshire must be an Annual member of the Association and qualified for the county.

The conditions for qualification are parliamentary vote, residence or birth (and you must not be representing another county). Anyone who is not so qualified is welcome to join us as an Affiliated member. Affiliated members can shoot in all the friendly matches and in Association competitions.


There are three membership classes:

  1. Annual membership: cost £15.00 p.a., or for those under 21, £7.50 p.a.
  2. Affiliated membership for those not qualified to shoot for Hampshire: cost £15.00 p.a.
  3. Associate membership (non-shooting): cost £7.50 p.a.

In order to attract new young shooters, Annual Membership is free for the first two years where the applicant is U25 and in full time education.  Furthermore, U25s will be charged half price for all team matches.

An application for membership has to be proposed and seconded by two current members and approved by the committee.

Are you are interested? You can find the forms you need below.