2013 Season

300M Practice – 16th March

Carol Painting                           193

Adam Leech                              194

David Cooper                            190

Stewart Larter-Whitcher           191

Colin Sherratt                            188

Ed Dickson                                 194 and 195

Mike Martel                                235 (from 26 shots)


Inter Counties 15th/16th June 2013

The R Jarvis

2nd        Nick Mace

10th      Stewart Larter-Whitcher

49th      Lucy Mace


The team comprised:

Captain                        Stewart Larter-Whitcher

Wind coaches              Guy Larcombe and Charles Brooks

            Nick Mace                  Lucy Mace

            Kip Morton                 Ed Dickson

            Jonathan Hull             Stewart Larter-Whitcher

            Carol Painting            Adam Leech


The Lt Col H Jones

1st        Surrey                          1169.139    

2nd        County of London       1163.114

3rd        Somerset                     1155.121

4th        Hampshire                   1146.112

20 teams


The NRA Long Match

1st        Surrey                          1184.147

2nd        Hertfordshire              1168.132

3rd        County of London        1167.131

11th      Hampshire                   1149.121


The Inter Counties Aggregate

1st        Surrey                          2353.286

2nd        County of London       2330.245

3rd        Devon                          2309.236

7th        Hampshire                   2295.233


HRA Open Meeting

County Champion       Carol Painting

Open Champion          Nigel Ball


County Short  16th July 2013

1st        Norfolk             797.107

2nd        London            795.121

3rd        Hampshire       795.112

Captain                        Stewart Larter-Whitcher

Wind coaches              Charles Brooks and Guy Larcombe

            Nick Mace                   Ed Welford

            Richard Birtwistle       Kip Morton

            Lucy Mace                   David Cooper

            Hamish Pollock           Jonathan Hull


County Long  16th July 2013

1st        Surrey                          581.64

2nd        Hertfordshire              580.62

3rd        Norfolk                        578.52

4th        Hampshire                   575.68


Captain            Charles Brooks

Wind Coach     Guy Larcombe

            Nick Mace                   Jonathan Hull

            Lucy Mace                  Richard Birtwistle

            Kip Morton                 Hamish Pollock


County Victor Ludorum 16th July 2013

1st        Norfolk                         1375.627

2nd        Surrey                          1374.762

3rd        Hertfordshire               1371.726

4th        Hampshire                    1370.792


Key Results From The Imperial Meeting - Individual

Tandy Spoon (Top HRA Member in her Majesty the Queen's Prize)

Nick Mace


Gadsby Tropy (Top HRA O Class in the Grand Aggregate)

David Cooper


Admiral Hutton

Hamish Pollock           1st   



Hamish Pollock           7th


All Comers Aggregate

Hamish Pollock           3rd


The Atheling Centenary Aggregate

Nick Mace                   7th



Richard Birtwistle       9th


Century Range Aggregate

Hamish Pollock           2nd


Conan Doyle

Nick Mace                   6th

Hamish Pollock           9th


Daily Telegraph

Richard Birtwistle       3rd


Five Hundred Yards Aggregate

Hamish Pollock           6th


Grand Aggregate

Hamish Pollock           14th

Nick Mace                   37th

Lucy Mace                   53rd


Howcroft Newspaper Aggregate

Hamish Pollock           7th


Lord Tedder Aggregate

Hamish Pollock           4th


Monday Aggregate

Hamish Pollock           2nd


New Zealand

Hamish Pollock           9th


Queens Veterans

Carol Painting             10th             


HM Queen’s Stage III

Nick Mace                   51st

Hamish Pollock           61st


St George’s Stage III

Hamish Pollock           27th

Nick Mace                   30th

Kip Morton                  51st             

Jonathan Hull              55th             


Stock Exchange

Hamish Pollock           2nd


Sunday Aggregate

Ed Dickson                 7th


Weekend Aggregate

Ed Dickson                 10th



Hamish Pollock           9th


Key Results From The Imperial Meeting – International Teams

Members of the HRA were represented in the following international matches:


Under Charles Brooks expert Captaincy the team were first. Well Done!

Hamish Pollock and Richard Birtwistle both shot for the team.



Guernsey         Mike Martel

                        Nick Mace

                        Andy Burton

                        Matt Guille



Guernsey         Nick Mace

                        Andy Burton



Guernsey         As the team were 4th no names were recorded for the participants.

                        However, I expect the usual suspects participated.